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Michael Stark

Michael Stark is the founder and CEO of Currency house, previously he started Torofx.com which was an institutional and corporate focused foreign exchange brokerage firm. Torofx.com was eventually acquired by equiyfx.com a publicly trading financial services firm based out of Toronto, Canada. Before Torofx.com Michael was on the Board of Directors at Custom House Currency Exchange as Director of e-business. Custom House was at the time North America’s largest foreign exchange brokerage firm. Michael was responsible for implementing a corporate-wide technology infrastructure and for take the existing business model online. Under Michael’s stewardship, online trading became the fastest growing and most profitable division at Custom House Currency Exchange. Custom House was recently acquired by Western Union for US $370 000 000.00. Michael has managed Institutional and Corporate forex transactions of all sizes ranging from $1 million up to and in excess of $1 billion.

Dan Perry

Making several guest appearances on CNBC as a Managing Director of FXCM and article contributor to several global financial publications, Dan has particular affinity for evaluating Japanese Yen denominated pairs and assisting position traders in their decision making. Interest rate expectations, central bank behavior, and sentiment index data are among the key statistics Dan covers closely when speaking with traders. Getting into Dan’s rolodex of monthly calls to discuss your trading is a great place to be.

Tom Long

As a top analyst with FXCM for years, Tom’s experience in sharing his vast trading knowledge with new and seasoned traders is among the elite in the industry. Tom’s “Ask the Expert” column is a great forum to receive a comprehensive response to your pressing trading questions. Live account holders also have access to Tom’s most coveted webinars “High Probability Breakout Trading” and “Top Ten Technical Indicators.” Get exclusive access to Tom’s daily content today.

Greg McLeod

Greg brings an analyst element to our team very difficult to find in the market. With tighter spreads and rapid execution being available with a top broker, scalping has become a very popular trading strategy around the world.  Traders continue to seek guidance on how best to identify scalping opportunities presented to them and make the most of such trades. From his webinars to his one-on-one discussions with clients, Greg coaches traders on how to profit from short term chart patterns like never before. Greg looks forward to sharing with you his scalping strategies in the near future and turning those strategies into profit.

Rich Krivo

Another well known market veteran and former FXCM strategist, Rich Krivo brings a combination of precision chart reading and sound money management feedback into every Trading Tip he provides and every Webinar he hosts. Among the analysts in the market, Rich centers his feedback on the premise that technical analysis is a study of self-fulfilling prophecies. As such, its important to gain a grasp of what the heaviest volume traders are looking at on the chart at any one time. Get access to Rich’s “Inside Scoop Chart”  and full set of Webinars today.

Matthew Dyer

Matthew is the Director of Sales and Business Development with Currency House. He has a strong background in finance as well as sales both in the financial realm and also marketing sphere. He is one of the authors of the Morning Brief for Currency House and will often assist less experienced traders in getting started on the platform. Matthew’s webinars are often frequented by individuals looking to get their feet wet and start making some of their first time trades. Matthew looks forward to helping you on your journey to becoming a pro trader.

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Binary Officials is a trading resource offering beginner and advanced traders the tools and support that they need. Providing real time trading signals, the latest trading apps and platforms,  economic calendars, commentary and coaching from professional traders all in one place. Binary Officials provides everything you need to establish long term trading success.

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